Super Veggies: the new ready to eat salads with sprouts

Super Veggies: the new ready to eat salads with sprouts

During the last Macfrut 2018 in Rimini, SIPO presented the new line Super Veggies: ready-to-eat salads with sprouts

SIPO widens the offers of premium products with high service level for the consumer introducing the ready-to-eat salads Super Veggies. With the handy packaging – a 125 gr transparent and resealable bowl – the line comprehends four different salads with sprouts rich in properties and taste.

Realized together with of a group of nutritionists and chefs that collaborate with the company, every salad is prepared and packaged by hand and is ready to taste at home, during the lunch break at the office, or as a healthy snack. Every salad has a unique taste and a different sprout. The sprouts are rich in nutritional properties: they are high in proteins, rich in potassium and vitamin C and are a natural tonic for the organism.

4 different salads rich in properties and taste

Salad with red radish sprouts. Salad, cherry tomatoes and red radish sprouts

Salad with fennel sprouts. Salad, cabbage, fennel sprouts

Salad with omega sprouts. Salad, red onion, omegavit mix sprouts

Salad with antioxidant mix sprouts. Salad, carrots and antioxidant mix sprouts


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