SIPO: we are ready for the organic spinach season!

SIPO: we are ready for the organic spinach season!

Sipo has started the production of organic spinach, following an important investment to renovate the production department in order to be in line with the times from a technological and process point of view.

Spinach (Spinacia Oleracea) is a flowering plant that belongs to the same family of beetroot and chard (Chenopodiaceae). A 100 gr serving provides only 40 calories, but has a high nutritional value. It is rich in Vitamin C, necessary to boost your immune system. Moreover, it represents a source of lutein,  a carotene that protects the skin and eye sight (from macular degeneration, cataracts, and sunlight).

For October to May harvesting, planting is started in August at 15/20 day intervals or more depending on the season (autumn-winter-spring), based on the choice of varieties made (smooth or bulbous) and intended commercial destination (spinacione or spinacino).

Spinach can easily be recognized by its fleshy wrinkled green leaves. Spinach seeds should be planted in a cool and dry place. Spinach can resist to frosts even when the temperature drops below zero.

In cooking, spinach is highly appreciated thanks to its unique taste and texture together with its organoleptic proprieties. Spinach can be eaten raw or cooked, in salads or with other ingredients, boiled,steamed or sautéed. Moreover, it is a great pairing for meat, cheese and as a main ingredient forgnocchi and frittata.

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Spinach is selected, washed and rinsed in cold water; weighed and packed ready to eat.
Below we listed the product specifications:


Organic SPINACH bag                    400g58001252002233

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