Chef Carla Casali

Chef Carla Casali

I’m Carla, I have Italian blood but I live in San Marino.

I like to describe myself as an active, lively and cheerful person.
I’ve been involved in vegan cooking for a few years now and every day I rediscover the beauty of new ingredients, new dishes, a continuous mix of taste and art.
Cooking helps me unwind, I like it and it excites me. Choosing the ingredients with those wonderful smells and adjusting the quantities allows me to give color and taste to my recipes. I obtained the VEGANOk certification in November 2014.
I love to work with my hands, mix ingredients and always test new things. With pride, in June 2015, I obtained the World Guinness Record for the longest and biggest pizza in the world.
After graduating from the catering institute” Istituto Alberghiero of Rimini”, I am now specializing at the Cooking Academy of Padova.

I’ve decided to collaborate with Sipo in order to share, propose and promote a stress free, organic, pleasant and healthy lifestyle.

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