♣ Friggitelli: nutritional properties

♣ Friggitelli: nutritional properties

Friggitelli Peppers are little green sweet peppers, not hot, which have the same composition and properties of peppers. They belong to the Solanaceae family, as do potatoes, egg plants and tomatoes and are originally from Central and South America.

Peppers are rich in nutrients and poor in calories (100g contain about 20 calories), they are a good source of vitamin C, beta carotene, vitamin K, folic acid and vitamin B6. Moreover, they contain phytochemical compounds which have antioxidant properties, such as chlorogenic acid, curarine, zeaxanthin and antitumor properties like lycopene. Sweet peppers are recommended for those who have high cholesterol (some studies show that these vegetables contain nutrients which prevent thrombosis and reduce the risk of  heart attacks).


Friggitelli are great in various types of dishes. They are very tasty in sauces for pasta or with cereal grains (for example,  with other vegetables to make a cold spelt or rice salad). They are fantastic stuffed with meat, tuna or cheese or tofu (for a vegan recipe), fried or cooked in the oven.

The Biologist Nutrizionist Dr. Giancarla Monticelli

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